Sunday, July 29, 2012

The more I see of Governor Romney, the more I am convinced that he would a a disaster as POTUS. He embarked on an overseas tour to advertise his foreign policy credentials and an opportunity to for Americans to see him as someone who could represent our nation to the world. All he had to do was smile a lot, and get his picture taken in famous places with world leaders and his campaign would have reaped the benefits. Instead, he insulted our close allies, the British. Of course, he also had time for a fundraiser at which the big London banks gave him big bucks, of course they had plenty of money to give from rigging LIBOR. Then it was off to Israel, where he bellicosely advocated a course of action which would result in war with Iran. Next he's off to Poland, where I hope he realizes that Polish jokes won't go over well.
Well I am back. Let's see if anyone notices. ;-)