Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Democrats and Iraq

The Democrats have Bush right where they should want him. Unless Congress allocates more funds, Bush won't have the funds to continue military operations in Iraq after July. But the Democrats act like Bush has the upper hand. OY!

Our presence in Iraq does nothing for the Iraqi people: they want us out, ASAP. Our presence in Iraq harms our national security. We would be much safer here at home if we left. The American people want us out too. The American people voted Republicans out of Congress, mainly because they wanted out of Iraq.

But it looks like the Democrats in Congress are going to knuckle under to Bush and let him keep fighting his foolhardy debacle in Iraq. Bush and the Republican frame the issue in terms of supporting the troops and many Democrats run from cover. How is letting the troops die (and keeping them from their jobs and families)in a lost cause supporting the troops? Was it the troops' idea to go to Iraq? Why won't the Democrats take on this illogical argument?

Why? Why are the Democrat's committing political suicide? They were sent to Congress the clean up corruption and get us out of Iraq. The only way they can get us out of Iraq is to cut off funding. Now Congress' approval ratings are falling, especially among Democrats and Independents.

Right now a minority of the Democrats in Congress are bringing their party and much more importantly, their country, down. Its a profile in cowardice.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Gov. O'Malley Comes to HoCo

Last night I attended the Howard County Democratic Central Committee's Annual Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner. As always the company was great. And for once the food was good. But in an evening of highlights, the highest and lightest highlight was the speech by Governor O'Malley.

I was especially heartened to hear the Guv's straight talk on Maryland's fiscal situation. The Governor correctly noted that his predecessor left him a mess and acknowledged that the Democrats will have to fix it. He noted that we need to cut waste, but also noted that our present fiscal circumstances, an expected 1.4 Billion shortfall, are largely the result of Governor Glendening's 10 percent income tax cut.

So let's do the right thing, roll back the Glendening tax cut for all but the poor and lower middle class and raise the INCOME taxes of the upper middle class and the wealthy.

Oh, and one other thing, Sen. Obama won the straw poll! Sen. Clinton took second, and Sen. Edwards took third.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Maryland's Budget Woes

Gov. O'Malley is seeking 200 million dollars worth of spending cuts. Why isn't he considering raising taxes, especially on the rich?

When will Americans learn? If you want good roads (or mass transit), schools, firefighters and first responders, police protection, environmental protection and to take care of the poor and disabled, you have to be willing pay for it. We are not spending enough on any of these needs.

This will be a test of the Governor, the Legislature and the voters of Maryland. For or kids' sake, lets hope we all pass this test.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another Drunk Driving Victim

I hate this.

First people know better than to drink and drive and yet it still happens, often.

Second, why does it matter that the killer was an illegal immigrant? His lack of a visa did not kill that young man, his inability or unwillingness to use alcohol responsibly did.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Al Gore was at UMBC Tonite

Wow was he ever powerful. Wow is our planet in trouble.

Gore gave an updated and much funnier version of the presentation that appeared in an Inconvenient Truth. It was one of the best presentations I have ever seen. far superior to the movie, which I recommend. Al was in great form too. I suspect he will run for President. His presentation was very political and made for a great campaign speech. Very, very impressive. He would make an excellent President.

And just think, he's the guy the American People chose to be President, which goes to show that we are much smarter and wiser than 5 of the justices who heard that case.

Belated Congratulations! To Columbia's New Political Dynasty

To my friend Evan Coren who is now Kings Contrivance's representative to the Columbia Council. While I agree with Evan more often than not, I don't always agree with him, especially about some issues concerning Downtown Columbia. But I do know that Evan will work hard to understand all sides of the issues he will be deciding and he will do what he thinks is best for Columbia, rather than what he thinks is best for Evan.

Congratulations are also in order for Evan's Mother, Ann Coren, who won the Election for the Owen Brown Village Board.

Belated sympathies are extended to almost every other local blogger. Since it seems all of them ran for office (with less fortune than Evan).

I'm Fine and I'm back.

I've been very very busy.

I stopped posting but people kept visiting the site. Thanks! And for those of you who asked about my well being, thanks for your concern.

There is so much to blog about: we are living interesting and scary times.