Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Al Gore was at UMBC Tonite

Wow was he ever powerful. Wow is our planet in trouble.

Gore gave an updated and much funnier version of the presentation that appeared in an Inconvenient Truth. It was one of the best presentations I have ever seen. far superior to the movie, which I recommend. Al was in great form too. I suspect he will run for President. His presentation was very political and made for a great campaign speech. Very, very impressive. He would make an excellent President.

And just think, he's the guy the American People chose to be President, which goes to show that we are much smarter and wiser than 5 of the justices who heard that case.


Anonymous said...

Remember, all he had to do is win his home state

Steve Fine said...

Actually, all he had to do was have the votes in Florida counted correctly.

jim adams said...

I am more impressed with the man now than when he was V.P.

I love his sense of humor, and he made a real attachment to the people with his references to Hopkins and Baltimore as well as UMBC.

One of the people who introduced him, Tom Schaller author of "Whistling Past Dixie",
well be a speaker at the Western Howard Co.Democratic Club in the fall.

I thought it was you, Steve, that yelled "Al Gore for President".

Anonymous said...

Did anyone stay for the Q & A afterwards and if so how was it?

Anonymous said...

Funny because, when the papers counted the Florida votes correctly, Bush came out on top in each count. I hate Bush as much as the next guy, but let's be honest.

The electoral college is to blame. It is a sucky way to elect a president.

Of couse, maybe if seniors could learn how to vote, instead of punching multiple holes, we'd have President Gore now.

He won't run for president. He ran a crappy campaign and most of the key advisors are already pledged to Hillary (ack!) or Obama (yay!)

Steve Fine said...

Actually, your wrong, the newspapers found Gore got more votes in Florida.

See this link:


and this one. . .



Anonymous said...

It depends what method you use. If you finished the recount that they started, Bush wins.

This according to the media consortium led by the Washington Post and CNN, who I trust more than the Guardian (a UK paper).

If I am not mistaken, the Guardian also reported Bill Clinton involvement with a Canadian politician, Belinda Stronach. Trash.

Regardless, Bush is the president. As we know from local politics, once you are in office, it doesn't matter what you did that got you there.

Steve Fine said...

Those consortiums both found that more votes were cast for Gore than Bush in Florida. Its true that had the recount continued aloung the lines requested by the Gore campaign, Bush would have still won.

If the votes had been counted correctly, Gore would have won.

Bush stole the election. That told us everything we needed to know about his respect for Democracy and the Constitution. That told us everything we needed to know about his integrity and character.

A lot of people have died and suffered unnecessarily because of those events, so its difficult for me to "just move on."

If we Americans haven't learned our lesson from that fiasco . . .

jim adams said...

There was a Q&A. Three questions were allowed. Sorry I don't recall the questions and answers, but they were friendly and intelligent. Al Gore did very will, and that was not just my impression, but the impression of those I talked with afterwards.

Anonymous said...

2000 was a close election. It happens. The Dems had a chance to refuse certification of the electoral votes, but they didn't do it. Al Gore has accepted it.

If you polled all of the Democratic presidential candidates on this, I think all of them (except maybe Dennis K.) would not be willing to agree that Bush did not win in 2000.

How do you define "counting the votes correctly" - even the Dems did not ask for the votes to be counted in a way that would have resulted in a Gore victory.

In a close election, it is easy to attribute the loss to one thing. If Gore had reached out to Nader, maybe Nader wouldn't have run for president.

I will agree that the Florida election was messed up. Katherine Harris proved her incompetence.

The scary thing: it could easily happen again, since our voting systems haven't improved in quality since then.