Thursday, March 08, 2007

Right Now

Most Polls have Senator Clinton winning the Democratic Nomination and Rudy G. winning the Republican nomination. Although I think Rudy would have the best chance of winning among the Republicans, I think he would have a rough time against the Senator. First, I think Rudy G's nomination would help the Republicans among independents, but his liberal social stances and his past personal life will hurt turnout among Christian Conservatives. Moreover, in New York, Senator Clinton is way more popular than Rudy G. this is import for a number of reasons. First, its shows that when voters get to really know both candidates, they will choose the Senator. Second, it means Rudy G. will lose one of his advantages, being a favorite sun in the second biggest state. and Third, New York is a very blue state.

But the bottom line is that its still pretty early and each front runner still faces major challenges ahead, just to get their respective nominations.

And did I mention that Sen. Chuck Hagel is going to throw his hat in the ring?

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