Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sad News

There is a very sad story in the Sun.

As the article shows and as lots of people will tell you, Dr. Leffler was a very good man. Usually, these sad stories in the newspapers are about strangers. This one wasn't. Dr. Leffler was my son's Dr. Thats true of a lot of children in HoCo (and many adults in HoCo are his former patients).

We moved from pediatrician to pediatrician before we could find a Dr. who was truly able and willing to care for my severely autistic son. Dr. Leffler's practice was the one practice were we felt that our son was truly welcome. My son frequently presented Dr. Leffler, his partners and his staff with difficult challenges. Yet Dr. Leffler always went the extra mile for my son. The last time I spoke with Dr. Leffler, he made it clear that my son was welcome to stay on as his patient into adulthood for a long as we wished. That comment was very comforting to me. I (and my family) have always been very grateful for Dr. Leffler's patience and understanding.

I am sorry I never told him that.


jim adams said...

I have an autistic Grandson, I know some of what you, and your family, go through. I am sure you go the extra mile for your son. Let that be the way you show your gratitude for Dr. Leffler's patience and understanding.

Anonymous said...

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