Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Showdown

It has become clear that the Bush Administration pressured U.S. Attorneys to file bogus charges against Democratic Candidates in an attempt to influence last year's Congressional Elections. The Bush Administration then purged those U.S. Attorney's who would not go along with this illegal endeavor or who were pursuing investigations or prosecutions of leading Republicans. (58% of Americans believe that the firings were politically motivated). If that was not bad enough, its clear that our Attorney General lied to Congress about this matter. Its also quite clear that the Administration has been lying to Congress and the American People about this matter.

The Democrats are demanding answers. The answers will clearly embarrass Bush and maybe even implicate him in a crime.

Will the Whitehouse comply with the document requests? Will they disobey a subpoena?

If so what then?

As I have been saying for a while, we are in Watergate territory here.


jim adams said...

We are,in Watergate territory, and we have returned to the Watergate era.

Where are those men, those women, of character, who know history, who understand leadership, and care about the American People. Where are the individuals who will take us, politically, to higher levels of government service and achievement, because of committment to fellow citizens, instead of into lower levels of embarrassment and failure, because of committment to personal needs and desires ? Are they just in history books, God I hope not.

Steve Fine said...

Well said Jim.