Friday, January 19, 2007

Obama Smeared As Former ‘Madrassa’ Student, Possible Covert Muslim Extremist

Wow, the right wing must be very scared of him to drudge up a ridiculous pack of lies like this.

Fox "News" at its worst.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Steve, as much as I would like to blame Republicans, the rumor is this was leaked out by the Hillary Clinton campaign, not the Republicans.

Steve Fine said...

Any source for this rumor?

David W. Keelan said...


I thought that I read the source here on your blog.

The Clinton machine will be all over Obama. When Richardson starts moving up in the polls (and I really hope he does - he is the Dems best shot at the White House) the Clinton machine will tear him down too.

That is the way it works. Look at what the Bush machine did to McCain (father of an african american baby - something like that). Look at the lack luster support Bill Clinton gave to Kerry. He said he would do everything in his power to help Kerry and proceeded to do nothing. Why? So Hilary would have a clear shot in 2008.

Besides, this is nothing. It will get a lot worse and this is just the Democrats floating ballons - wait until the GOP starts beating each other up too.

Steve Fine said...

I would be very surprised to see Clinton slime Richardson. Richardson and the Clintons are close. Richardson held several important posts in the Clinton Administration and was highly trusted and respected by President Clinton. And Hillary isn't the type of person who is comfortable with false ad hominium attacks. Despite what the Rush Limbaugh types like to say, the Clinton's aren't mean-spirited people. Maybe not the most truthful people in the world, but definitely not the dirty tricks type.

Hillary won't slime Obama, because he would be a great running mate. Although my guess is that, if Sen. Clinton wins, she will pick Richardson as her running mate.

Byron said...

First, Anonymous, I'll repeat Steve's question... is there any truth behind the "rumor" that Hillary's camp leaked this? I seriously doubt it. What we're going to see is less mudslinging by the candidates against one another, and more of the press FINALLY ending this honeymoon love-fest with Obama and actually do some research on the guy.

Second, David I have to disagree with you. Richardson is a good guy, a great governor, but you want to talk about a guy with skeletons in his closet. Have we forgotten about how badly he botched his job as Energy Secretary?

Finally, I think that Hillary isn't going to be going to great lengths to smear any of the other candidates because this campaign may very well be simply a war of attrition. When Bill Clinton starts calling in favors from governors, senators, party chairs, big donors, you name it, they're going to come to Hillary's side. She'll outraise and outgun the other candidates and steamroll them on her way to the nomination, and, hopefully, into the White House. All of the other candidates are going to be ice-skating uphill. That being said, I think this is going to be a phenominal campaign. Dodd, Biden, Clinton, Kucinich, Vilsack, Richardson, Obama... quite a crowd.

Steve Fine said...


I respectfully take issue with your characterization of Bill Richard's service as Energy Secretary as "a botched job." I was at the Energy Department when he was. What went on wasn't his fault, not by a long shot.

The same can't be said about the Republicans in Congress at the time.

Anonymous said...

According to Steve Fine, anything Democrats do is good and anything Repuyblicans do is bad. Steve Fine is not a serious blogger.

Byron said...

Steve, I think Gov. Richardson did a fine job as Energy Secretary. The problem, unfortunately, is that perception is reality, and if Richardson runs the press will revisit the alleged breaches of nuclear secrets, the Los Alamos situation, and some people will perceive him as unfit for the job. Hopefully he can adequately explain what he did right while he was there, because I'm sure there's plenty to talk about.

And to Anonymous, if you're going to criticize Steve, you should really identify yourself. Better yet, you should actually read Steve's posts to realize that he calls out Democrats just as he does Republicans when they're doing something wrong.