Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In Howard County

Just as we were about to find out if the "Columbia Skyscraper" would be built (well actually litigated), this happened. Speaking of downtown Columbia, Hayduke has a good post noting that one of the core issues in the whole Down Town Columbia controversy is whether Columbia should be a real city or a suburb. There is no wrong or right answer here, just as there is no one "right" flavor of ice cream, its a matter of personal preference. (That's not true of all the issues concerning Downtown's future). Hayduke's post also discusses a letter in the Flyer discussing another aspect of the Downtown issue. Here is Robert Turner's letter.

Our Police Chief has let our new County Council and Executive know what he thinks our Police Force needs: Tasers and more Police Officers. The Chief also put in a request for "sharks with fricking laser beams."

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