Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On the State Beat

There's a lot happening. First, Governor O'Malley gave an important address: the State of the State. Here is the Post's Report. Here's the Sun's Report. Here is the Transcript, so you can judge for yourself. The short version, as reported by the Post,
O'Malley called upon lawmakers to embrace a "shared agenda" on education, health care, public safety and the environment during this legislative session while putting off more "polarizing" debates until later in his four-year term.

And what is the State of O'Malley's Popularity?

Meanwhile Democratic leaders are working on expanding medical coverage for Marylanders. And it looks like the Ground Rents issue will be addressed this session.

So are those electric rate increased need to pay for BGE's increased costs? Its a complicated issue, but its parent is doing well, even though BGE's revenues are supposedly down.

Meanwhile,the sponsor of the Bill to require vaccination for the HPV, says she is going to withdraw the bill. Sorry, no link to this story.

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