Monday, January 29, 2007

Our Healthcare Crisis

One of the many ill effects of the Republican's invasion of Iraq is that it diverts attention and energy from other pressing needs. One of those pressing needs is for meaningful healthcare reform. Here's an article discussing just one flawed aspect (out of many flaws) of our current system.

Our current healthcare system is unfair, inhumane and economically inefficient.

Here's one organization trying to do something about it.


Anonymous said...

It's my understanding that Brandy Britton was found hanged in her home by "a relative" over the weekend.

Maybe readers did not know her, but many ogled and blogged about her (though not on this site).

It's my hope for everyone who ever sees a woman behaving so far outside of socially acceptable constructs, that the thought sways from excitement, to saddness and even actions to help.

For those who don't know, she had two children who are, no doubt more devastated by this than anything leading up to the horrible events of this weekend.

Steve Fine said...

What a sad end to that story. Pray for her children.

Anonymous said...

I visited a blog site where the most vile things were being said about this woman, from wives of husbands who participated.

It's bad enough when someone is so thoroughly alone that this route is taken, but to hold blameless those who sought to take even more from her and to blame her for their weakness is beyond belief. The vile comments belong to the most uncivilized element in our midst.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Anon #1.

I, too, read posts a while back on a few local blogs (not this one) that seemed to me to be more appropriate in tabloids than in responsible online community-focused media. The mild but still seemingly sensationalist pandering seemed quite out of place for those blogs that normally did and do focus on civic issues.

My incorrect rationalization at the time for not criticizing the tones of those posts and calling them for what I felt they were was thinking any responding comment on the topic would just feed what I perceived to be the ill-focused sentiment of the conversation. I should have posted dissenting comments and now obviously regret it.

We all, not truly knowing the life experience of others, should refrain from passing judgement on one another in cavalier fashion.