Sunday, January 07, 2007

Speaker Pelosi Throws Down the Gauntlet

Says Congress will not fund escalation unless Bush Administration can show its justified.

It looks like the Democratic Congress is going to confront Bush in Iraq. That's great news.


David W. Keelan said...


It remains to be seen. I think it is all show on her part. How is the Speaker of the House going to say that the President hasn't proved his case on troop deployments? The speaker can't do that with a straight face.

Anonymous said...

Steve, Some more good news. The Western Howard Co. Democrat Club is meeting, Thursday, 1/11/07, 7:00 p.m., at the George Howard Building.

David Keelan, your invited as well.

Steve Fine said...

How could anyone say that the President HAS proven his case?

David W. Keelan said...

I am saying that Pelosi would be hard pressed to say otherwise. He has more tools available to him to build his case than she does to provide oversight. I think it would be unprecedented for the Congress to do as she suggests they might. I think she is bluffing or pandering to us through the media.