Sunday, December 17, 2006

HoCo Happenings

Hayduke is concerned about the recent lack of activity on the local blogosphere. I'm not about to let my community suffer from a hot air deficit, so without further adieu. . .

The Sun reports that the Board of Education has chosen Diane Mikulis as its Chairperson and Frank Aquino as its Vice-Chair.

The Sun also reports on one of a series of urban planning seminars. They are hosted by General Growth Properties.

And the Sun reports that County Executive Ulman isn't wasting any time in getting his new administration up to speed. Its good to see that kind of energy. Perhaps this, is what inspired him. Meanwhile, the HoCo Times is reporting that he is also considering action to limit the height of the proposed Columbia Skyscraper.

Here an article from the Howard County Times on the evil Senior Tax Cut.

Its got to go, or at least have an assets test built into it. The Columbia Flyer ran a good editorial concerning this regressive tax cut.

Meanwhile, the Examiner reports that a group has issued a report outlining its concerns about the preservation of HoCo's open spaces.

And congratulations are in order for two HoCo Schools!


Anonymous said...

The group's report on the open space woes only scratches the surface. Lots of things to fix. Lots of ongoing loopholes that thwart protecting and preserving open space. Lots of money meant for open space purchase is just sitting idle, too.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot for lots.

Steve Fine said...