Monday, December 11, 2006


If you want to know why I think he's our next President. Read this. I hope he's worthy.
Some key passages from the linked story:
Demand for tickets forced organizers to move the rally to a larger venue, where it quickly sold out at $25 a head. "We've never had a standing crowd of 1,500 people," said party spokeswoman Kathleen Strand.

Democratic Gov. John Lynch, re-elected last month by a record margin, joked, "We originally scheduled the Rolling Stones for this party. But we canceled them when we realized Sen. Obama would sell more tickets."


Campaign veterans, including supporters of rival candidates, praised Obama's performance. They said they had never seen such a large crowd so early in the campaign, particularly for someone just setting out on the White House trail - in this case, a freshman senator still seemingly wet behind his jug ears.

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Anonymous said...

I am still worried about the price of ties.