Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A UMBC Professor with National Reputation has some Interesting Advice for Democrats

Thomas F. Schaller says ignore the south.

I think he's right that we don't need the south to win. I also agree that by trying to cater to southern voters, the Democrats could alienate their northern, mid-western and western bases.

But I wouldn't stop trying to win over the South. They are not hopeless.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like something Keelan would come up with. Just another dumb "behine" Republican concept.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Schaller's premise.

Look at Florida in 2000. The message got across. It was other 'factors', both internal and external to Florida.

And, were it not for the Electoral College, the national popular vote in 2000 would have sent the election the other way.

The message is getting across. Howard Dean's strategy of pursuing all 50 states worked in 2006. I'd put more faith in continuing down that road (which I believe Mudcat also agrees with) then opting for Schaller's retreat.