Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Who's the Democratic Front Runner?


Does it matter this early in the game?

Is the mainstream press ignoring a poll showing Hilary leads all, both Democrat and Republican?

Its exciting to think that our next president might not be a white male. I don't think anyone's race or gender should be considered when pulling the lever (or touching the screen), but still, wouldn't that be a sign of progress?

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Byron said...

Seems like Hillary is the front-runner, but we'll have to see what happens with Sen. Obama. I really think that Democrats will have a very very hard time defending him when just 8 years prior we harped relentlessly on GWB's inexperience. I don't know how to explain that away without being hypocritical. We may think Obama is a visionary, but Republicans thought GWB was too... what's the difference? As Democrats, we have to have higher standards. Republicans run complete neophytes for every position under the sun, and their membership says "Okay, sure, as long as he opposes equal rights for gays and believes in cutting taxes." We need to expect more of ourselves.