Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Interesting Article on the Democrats' Congressional Agenda

This article contains a lot of Interesting information. The agenda, according to the Post:
Determined to banish their old tax-and-spend image, Democrats want to shrink the federal deficit, preserve tax cuts for the middle class and challenge the president to raise money for the Iraq war when they take control of Congress next week. (emphasis supplied).

That first line bugs me. The Democrats have a tax and spend image? Has anyone at the Post been reading thier own paper? That's not the only disturbing item in this article. It states:
The incoming Democratic chairmen of the House and Senate Budget committees . . . reiterated a commitment not to cut off funding for U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The only way the Democrats can get us out of Iraq is by cutting off funding. Thats what got us out of Vietnam, by the way. So, it looks like we are there to stay. Another key paragraph from the article:
[Democratic leaders] said they would aim to balance the budget by 2012, a goal that could anger liberal Democrats eager for new spending on domestic programs and conservative Republicans determined to preserve the tax cuts passed during Bush's first term.

Without this stupid war . . . . Anyway read this article. If you want to know whats really happening in Washington, always follow the money. One final paragraph bears emphasis as well:
Democrats say they will cover that cost by ending tax breaks on foreign profits of U.S. businesses, closing corporate tax shelters, cutting subsidies to oil and gas companies and giving the federal government authority to negotiate lower drug prices for Medicare. They would also tap the vast amount of uncollected tax revenue known as the tax gap, which has been projected at $300 billion a year.

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