Thursday, December 14, 2006


Very sad. What a waste of human life.


Anonymous said...

Where is everyone? Shopping?

In the past few years, my family has decided not to do the gift thing except with children. Friends still exchange gifts, but smaller than in earlier years.

Cuts down on all sorts of dilemmas, like the re-gifting question, the inappropriate gift concern, the harried and ruffled experience of trying to shop with sometimes aggressive shoppers, the driving, the possible debt.

Marketers (who are many time psychologists) have convinced a great many that we can only express our thoughts and kind wishes by racing around like lunatics to get (and get and get) things, yes, things. There are more sincere ways that will make the season truely peaceful.

What about a membership to organizations that support causes. My sister is an animal nut, so I'd donate in her name to an animal rescue. Another sibling is concerned about the environment, so I'm thinking of registering her with the Sierra Club.

What do you think? Anyone out there?

Anonymous said...

No. we are all home tired from shopping.