Sunday, November 19, 2006

Could Western Howard County Go Democratic?

An interesting article from the Sun.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Western Howard Co. could go Democratic, the numbers are trending in that direction. The margin of votes between parties for elected office was smaller this election than in prior elections. The number of newly registered Democratics increased over the number of newly registered Republicians, The number of people attending the Western H.C. club out numbers the attendence in the Howard Co. Republican club. The mix of individuals in the W.H.C.C, more so than the R.C., includes mature men and woman with political experience, as well as younger members with fresh ideas and energy.The Democratic Central Committee is committed to the Club and always in attendence at the meetings, and the club is committed to the development of an organization founded on excellant principles, values and vision as well as supporting qualified individuals for elective office. For those of you looking to make a positive difference in Western Howard Co, attend the Western Howard County Democratic Club meetings.

Steve Fine said...

When do they meet?

Anonymous said...

I'll let you know.