Sunday, November 19, 2006

Will Obama Run?

Would that be a good thing? What are his chances?


Anonymous said...

It is to early, he is drawing too much attention. The opposition has too much time to attack him and set traps to destroy his campaign. He could pull off a J.F.K., and after this loss, come back in four, stronger and wiser. He does need a little gray around the temples.

Byron said...

On the other side of the aisle... did anyone see McCain's speech to GOPAC? It was simply awful. He was stiff, stilted... it didn't sound like him.

Anonymous said...

Too soon, but anyone would be better than Hillary. She is too polarizing and would lose the general election.

So far, Obama is the best alternative to Hillary. Edwards is too populist and hypocritical. Kerry botches too many jokes.

Howard Dean would have been better than John Kerry, but the Dems wanted someone "electable" instead.