Monday, October 30, 2006

Fineline Endorses Jim Robey for State Senate

State Senator Sandy Schrader has an admirable record for constituent service. Moreover, County Executive Jim Robey is not without his rough edges. For example, recent mailings on his behalf present Senator Schrader’s votes on reproductive rights issues in a less than fair-handed manner. In addition, I have personally witnessed an incident where the County Executive treated a constituent (until that day, a supporter of his) in a manner unbefitting an elected public servant. However, we are all human and when one looks at the big picture, the choice is clear: Jim Robey should be our next State Senator from the 13th district.

As County Executive, Mr. Robey has skillfully presided over a period of progress and prosperity for Howard County. Under his capable stewardship, the County has progressed to the point where Money Magazine has rated it the fourth best place to live in the United States. Perhaps Mr. Robey’s finest hour came when the County faced an unexpected downturn in revenue, rather than cutting much needed county services or borrowing money, Mr. Robey did the right thing and raised taxes. That act alone sold me on Jim Robey. That kind of courage and willingness to make difficult but wise choices is rare in today’s political atmosphere and is exactly the kind of leadership we need in Annapolis.

Senator Schrader’s tenure in the Maryland Senate is marred by a series of unwise votes. For example, bowing to the far-right (so-called) religious conservative wing of her party, she has repeatedly voted against allowing pharmacists to dispense emergency contraception. Senator Schrader, in keeping with traditional Republican values, has repeatedly voted for the interests of big business and against the interests of working Marylanders. For example, Senator Schrader voted against raising the minimum wage and voted against the Fair Share Health bill (also known as the Walmart bill). Perhaps most troubling at all, she opposed efforts to roll back B, G and E’s planned 72 percent price increase.

The citizens of Howard County deserve representation that willing to stand up to big business and the special interests in Annapolis. Jim Robey is just the person for that job.

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