Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Schrader-Robey Race Takes A Nasty Turn

The State Dems sent out a mailing which unfairly characterizes Schrader's reproductive rights record.

Schrader sent out a mailing which distorted the effect of local tax increases.

Come on everyone, this is Howard County, not Tennesee.

Even though Sandy Schrader has a decent record on reproductive rights, a vote for her is a vote for a Republican Majority in the Maryland Senate, we all know that would be very bad for reproductive rights (and for a lot of other issues). The Republicans don't even need a majority in the Maryland Senate to do real harm to the state. If The Republicans gain some seats in the Senate, the Democrats will lose their ability to override vetos.

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David W. Keelan said...

Ok, you clarified that at the end.

I didn't think you really believed that the Republicans have a chance to gain a majority in the Maryland Senate.

You are correct. They want to be able to block veto over rides.