Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Property Tax Cut for "Middle Income" Seniors: Part Three.

Hayduke makes a great point. The stated purpose of this bill is to keep seniors from moving out of our County, because they use less government services. This is a scary, scary precedent (Happy Halloween!!). For one thing, it suggests that some of our elected leaders consider those residents who use more services less desirable. That means the disabled, for just one example. I don't think our public leaders should be separating our law-abiding citizens into "desirable and undesirable" cohorts.

By the way, is there any data that actually shows that seniors use fewer county services. I'm sure that is not true of the fire department, for example. Or did someone just pull that assumption out of Rush's rear-end?


David W. Keelan said...


You are the only person to mention disabled people. I don't think it was called for either.

Seniors don't use our schools comes to mind.

Steve Fine said...

Why isn't it called for? Years back, one of the Republicans who voted for the bill, Mr. Feaga, publically called for reducing special education services so that the disabled would move out of the county.

So, I guess I am not the first person to mention the disabled in this context.