Monday, October 30, 2006

Steele Fails the Meet the Press Test

Enjoyable reading for Cardin Supporters.


Anonymous said...

Cardin won the debate on the issues. Although Steele came across as much more personable.

Steele's task his uphill for several reasons:
1) Unlike the Gov's race, Steele is not the incumbent
2) Although unlike the Governor's race, shifting the MD Senate seat to the Republicans could potentially cause the entire senate to stay in Republican hands (Perish the thought!)
3) Maryland's 1.3 to 1 Democratic advantage
4) George Bush is the most unpopular president since the last days of Nixon and he is also a Republican
5) Steele's views on abortion and stem cells are out of line with the majority of Marylanders
6) Cardin has legislative experience

Due mostly to the national ramifications, I am voting for Cardin. I will, however, vote to re-elect Ehrlich. In my mind, he has shown he can govern from the center and has earned a second term.

There is something to be said for divided government!

Steve Fine said...

One word "BGE." I'll be voting for O'Malley.