Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fiscal Responsibility: Democratic Style

Howard County has a Record surplus!

It won't stay that way if the Republicans take over. They want to cut taxes for the rich seniors as well as those in the Middle Class and waste money on a silly laptop give-a-way/boondoggle.

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David W. Keelan said...


I don't think increasing taxes and fees in order to solve a revenue problem equates to fiscal responsibility.

Remember Chuck Ecker? He faced the same problem right after he took office in the first year. He did not introduce successive tax increases and fees on residents. He tightened the belt and took great political risk in doing so.

He excercised great discipline and new the economy would turn around and solve the revenue problem. He was right.

He was torn apart for it his first year in office and returned for a 2nd term by 66% of the vote.

Ecker - take it on the chin for a year or two.

Jim Robey took the opposite tack. He increased taxes and fees to overcome a short term problem.