Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Fresh Start.

I'm feeling excited and optimistic. On Monday, A new County Executive and County Council will be sworn in. It's an exciting time. Only one member of the County Council, Calvin Ball, will be an incumbent. Calvin has served for less than a year. They are also a very youthful crew, but at the same time, do not lack for experience. We will have a County Executive who has served on the County Council and two members of the County Council (Mary K. Sigaty and Courtney Watson) who have served together on the Board of Education. Calvin has served as a community redevelopment official in one of Columbia's older village centers, and Jen Terrasa has served on the the village board of another of Columbia's Villages. I don't know much about Greg Fox, but I am sure he also brings some valuable experiences to the table.

The new County Executive and council members inherit a county that's currently in great shape. However, the future presents some interesting challenges and opportunities, not least of which will be to strike the right balance between the competing interests and objectives that are inherent in the redevelopment of downtown.

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