Sunday, December 03, 2006

New State GOP Chairperson

Dave Wissing at Hedgehog Report reports that the state GOP has chosen its new leader: Dr. James Pelura III, a veterinarian from Anne Arundel County. As Dave reports, an Anne Arundel Republican blogger, Greg Kline reports

Here is Dr. Pelura's pitch in his own words "Dear Fellow Republicans,As we are all aware, recent election results have put a pall over our party and Maryland Republicans. As I see it, we have two choices; crawl back into our caves for another 36 years or recognize our problems, face them head on and fix them!My philosophy during Governor Ehrlich's initial campaign, during my stint as Maryland State Chairman for Bush/Cheney '04 ,during the Governor's recent campaign and countless other races I have worked on has been predicated on the notion that:1) The majority of Marylanders are basically conservative, 2) The Republican Party of Maryland must reach out to the actual voter and make them feel proud to be Republican.3) The Republican Party should simply promote Republican ideals which will benefit all candidates on the ticket.4) There should be active and open cooperation between the Republicans in the House and Senate and the State Party.5) Most voters want to vote for something or someone and not against something or someone.
(emphasis supplied). Now I don't know if this is just the kind of thing you have to say to get elected as state GOP Party Chair, but point no. one doesn't reflect actual reality. Failure to keep in touch with reality (especially on the part of their national leadership) is one reason the Republicans find themselves in such a mess. If they don't adjust, their party won't be able to make much of a contribution in the future. In other words it will be good news for Democrats, bad news for Maryland.

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