Monday, February 12, 2007


The House Democrats are preparing to give Bush a firm slap on the hand for this nations greatest foreign policy blunder ever.

The sad part is that we really need for Congress to stand up to the President. The belief that Bush intends to attack Iran has gone from the far left blogosphere to the liberal blogosphere to the mainstream press to the conventional wisdom in Washington and foreign policy circles. If Bush attacks Iran, it will likely end in disaster. Iran is not Iraq, it has a formidable military. If we attack, we can expect that Iran will close down the Gulf of Hormuz, which will stop the export of crude oil from the middle east. Perhaps Iran might even lob some missiles at the Saudi Oil Fields.

Iran could also mount a ground attack against our exhausted and ill-equipped troops in Iraq, who would find themselves greatly outnumbered and at the end of a long and tenuous supply line.

If we are seen as the aggressors, we find find Iran with some very power allies against us.

Congress has to stop Bush, he is mad, unfit for duty, crazier than an [out]house rat, certainly not emotionally stable enough to carry the nuclear football. Its a very dangerous situation.

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