Friday, February 09, 2007

Politics is Too Important to be Left to Scumbags and Idiots

E.J. Dionne, Jr., one of my favorite columnists, has an excellent column in today's Post.

E.J. writes about one of the human costs of Bush's budget chicanery. During my years of advocacy on behalf of people with autism and their families(click here for some interesting off-topic autism news)and working in Government for over two decades, I have often seen the human impact of politics, not that it isn't also obvious from watching the news or reading newspapers. Thats why the attitude of so many in Washington, Annapolis and sometimes even Ellicott City disturbs me so. Fineline exists, in part, as a (hopefully constructive) outlet for these strongly held feelings and beliefs.

I hate to see the needs of the already wealthy and powerful continually take precedence over the needs of the most of the population, but it especially angers me to see the poor and the disabled consistently neglected and abused, especially when they are children.

End of lament.


Anonymous said...

The problem is power.

Most people cannot handle power, and those who want it, unfortunately, are the same people who end up with the most.

Voters need more information on local politicans so that we can stop letting these people through the one-way door leading up the political ladder to national representation.

Anonymous said...

Good post, Steve.