Sunday, February 18, 2007

Howard County Round-Up

Well County Executive Ulman hasn't had a chance to do, well anything, yet and already he's under the microscope. Some feel his appointments haven't been diverse enough.

The Sun has an article about a subject I have discussed a bit on fineline: the conflict between the need for affordable housing and the NIMBY syndrome.

I've spent the past 17 and a half years caring for one young man with autism, this Howard County family has three boys with autism! These people need help waaaay, waaay more than many seniors who have made "too much money" in the real estate market.


mcewen said...

Although there is a lot of press about the increase in autism figures, I don't think many people appreciate how many families have more than one child with autism.
Thank you for drawing attention to this.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

"made too much money"? How communistic of you to say.

What exactly does "made too much money" mean? What would be a satisfactory amount of money for someone to make in real estate? Is this written down somewhere?

Steve Fine said...


I think your taking this out of context. The Senior tax cut was enacted because some people convinced the County Council that they were being forced to sell their home because the increase in property values raised their property tax assessments. Basically they made "too much money" to be able to afford their taxes.