Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Senator Clinton Further Alienates Me

I want to like and support her, really I do. But she's making it difficult with statements like this:

"To underscore a point, some people may be running who tell you we don't face a real threat from terrorism. I'm not one of them."

-- Sen. Hillary Clinton, quoted by ABC News, suggesting one of her rivals is soft on terrorism.

(From the Political Wire).

Meanwhile, Sen. Obama charms Hollywood. And he gets Tom Daschle's endorsement.


Byron said...

I'm really disappointed with both Senator Daschle and Governor Kaine for supporting Obama. I admire both greatly, but I really don't understand how two men with such distinction and experience in government can be swept up in "Obamania." The guy claims to want to change our politics. Two words for you: David Geffen. When one of your finance chairs calls your top opponent a methodical liar, you're accountable for that. There's a difference between a supporter making a political judgment of the electability of another candidate and making a really dispicable personal attack on them.

And when it comes to Hillary and terrorism and the war, she's the only Democrat who's running a campaign that will appeal to people outside of the liberal left. The other Democrats will be ripped to shreds by Republicans when they're asked "Senator Obama (or Dodd, Biden, etc.), you say the entire Iraq war was a mistake, right? So you think it wasn't worth toppling Saddam? All of those servicemen died for nothing? That's what you're saying, right?" It's going to be brutal for them to defend their positions, and I'll have a hard time defending them.

Byron said...

A great letter to the editor in the NY Times, sums up why the moaning about Hillary on the war is much ado...

"I think I understand Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s refusal to apologize for her vote to authorize military action against Iraq in 2002.

When the president of the United States tells you he has positive evidence that the country is in grave danger and he requires your support to meet the threat, you — senator, member of Congress, citizen — owe the office your trust and respect.

President Bush betrayed that trust and forfeited that respect; he lied to the Senate on a matter of national security, a breach so grave and irreparable that it must have seemed inconceivable at the time.

I salute those in Congress who opposed the authorization; their judgment proved correct. But Senator Clinton did herself no dishonor to take Mr. Bush at his word, and she owes us no apology."

R. D. Eno
Cabot, Vt., Feb. 18, 2007