Sunday, February 25, 2007

While Bush Wastes Lives and Money in Iraq

Al Queda is making a comeback.

Meanwhile, the Bush Administration doesn't seem too interested in stopping Al Queda or finding Bil Laden.

And Hilary Clinton claims liberal Democrats are soft on terrorism.


Anonymous said...

"Waste lives". As someone who had a cousin die in Iraq, I would like to think his life was not "wasted". Steve, you are such a jerk!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I'm deeply sorry for your family's loss. However, I think it's clear that's not remotely what Steve meant to say. I'm certain Steve didn't mean to suggest that your cousin's sacrifice was anything less than heroically patriotic. I think that Steve's opinion is that the loss of life in Iraq is all the more unfathomably tragic given the circumstances of the war.

Anonymous, I suggest you criticize ideas and not call names. And if you must resort to name calling, I have to say it would be more honorable to do so outside the veil of anonymity.

- Scott F