Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Right now many of America's soldiers, sailors, airpeople and marines are in Iraq trying to serve their country and make a positive difference in the world. Right now their sacrifice and bravery is being wasted by cynical, and/or delusional leadership at the highest civilian levels of our government. Right now, these brave Americans are away from their families and friends, and in many cases, their careers. They face constant danger: well over three thousand of them have given us the ultimate sacrifice, their lives. Tens of thousands of them have suffered severe lifelong injuries such as lost limbs or Traumatic Brain Injury. Most of them will suffer severe life long emotional trauma.

So we Americans owe our people serving in Iraq. When our country called, they answered. Keep them and their families in you thoughts and prayers everyday.

Don't you think that the least we could do is too give them the proper equipment? Like fully armored HUMVEES and the latest in body armor? We don't.

You would also think that we would take good care of them when they got home. Guess again, at least if Bush gets his way.


Anonymous said...

Steve, what did you think of Obama's comment about the military? You are a fan of Obama? Obama did apologize, but I was curious if you were you even offended by his comments?

Steve Fine said...

What comments? I'm sure Obama didn't say anything bad about the troops. What kind of B.S. smear are the wingers trying to put over the American people now?