Sunday, February 25, 2007

U.S. Poverty Hits Record Highs

In the wealthiest nation in our planet's history, this happens.

Does anybody in Washington, Annapolis or Ellicott City care?

Where are all those so called liberals?


Anonymous said...

Yes, some people care. I think about this kind of suffering every time I see an add for fake eyelashes and hair extensions, unnecessary facial surgery, or an add for a wildly expensive hunk of metal that transports from point A to point B. And, I don't think you'd classify me as a liberal.

I wonder where my own line is drawn. Do I become debt-free prior to becoming seriously involved? Who can fix the beauracracy that precludes ease of contribution? Or who can schedule back-up support when current activists burn out?

Many people are already involved, and making a difference, but how many can really afford to take this on full-time?

Where is your line drawn?

Steve Fine said...

This situation is a direct result of Goverment policy. We dismantled the war on poverty which was working. We made our tax system less progressive. And we have favored policy after policy which has redistributed wealth from the poor and middle class to the wealthest Americans (and foreigners).

My line is drawn against supporting those elected officials who continue to perpetrate these policies, by trying to support those candidiates and elected offcials who seem willing to confront these issues and by trying to spread the word.

I'm willing to pay much higher taxes for programs which provide economis justice and opportunity.

jim adams said...

Not offering an explanation, a solution, nor any form of critizism. If you get a chance read "The Glass Castle"

Anonymous said...

Trickle down economics ain't trickling so well it seems.

You may want to compare our economic, health, and environmental statistics to other countries just for providing some good benchmarks for comparison.

Anonymous said...

Jim- Great book. Meet me at the Green Lantern after work. ;-).