Friday, February 23, 2007

Howard County Happenings

There's a lot of ground to cover here today. First, County Executive Ulman has given his first State of The County address. Of course, its starts out correctly stating that the state of the County is strong. But they alway say that. Wouldn't it have been refreshing if Bush had been honest and said the state of the Country is [blanked]? Here's the link to the Sun's coverage. For those of you who prefer their news unfiltered here is the video of the speech as it appears on Hayduke's site. We have a new County Solicitor nominee. Will she end up handling litigation arising from the use of tasers? Seems to me that, if used wisely, tasers would present a useful alternative to the use of deadly force. Of course, if they are over used . . . but isn't that true of guns too?

And the Columbia Skyscraper continues to make news. County Executive Ulman's looking for a consensus solution. I wish him well, but I'm not gonna bet on a consensus solution.

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