Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Iraq and the Democrats

Regular readers of fineline (i.e. my wife and my mother) know that I am disappointed and frustrated that the Democrats have not taken a harder line on Iraq. Here's an article that attempts to explain why. The article does indicte that the Democrats do plan to act and the slow pace is urged by leading anti-war groups A key paragraph:
As described by participants, the goal is crafted to circumvent the biggest political vulnerability of the anti-war movement -- the accusation that it is willing to abandon troops in the field. That fear is why many Democrats have remained timid in challenging Bush, even as public support for the president and his Iraq policies have plunged.

I am not so sure that they are so vulnerable. I don't think most Americans equte being against the surge or being for a quick withdrawal as not supporting the troops. But what do I know?

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