Thursday, February 01, 2007

Molly Ivins Passed Away

Molly Ivins was one of my very favorite columnists. She had Bush's number way back when. If only more people would have listened to her. This is a great loss.


Kevin Dayhoff said...

Mr. Fine,

I certainly agree with you that Molly Ivins’ passing away is a great loss. It so happened that when her death was announced I had an open copy of her 1991 book “Molly Ivans Can’t Say That Can She?"

I always admired her ability to make fun of politics and politicians with a wit and wisdom that will be hard to replace. I learned many years ago not to read her work while drinking Dr. Pepper as invariably, it would end up squirting from my ears and my nose.

However, to simply admire her work because she regularly skewered President George W. Bush is to myopically shortchange her genius. In the long run we all need to be human above and beyond our political proclivities. And Ms. Ivins was certainly real and human – unlike so many political pundit these days who have no humanity or any sense of self above or beyond their self-identification as a partisan politico.

I admired her intellectual honesty and I extraordinarily appreciated her artistic genius well above and beyond whether I agreed with her positions on the issues, of which, more often than not – I totally disagreed with her.

Thank you for all your work. I really appreciate your blog.

Kevin Dayhoff

Steve Fine said...

Thanks Kevin. And your right, Molly Ivins' talent went far beyond her ability to suss out W. Bush before the rest of us.